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PostSubject: application - Porkie   application - Porkie Icon_minitimeSat May 31, 2008 4:10 pm


My name is Juho but it's best if you just call me Porkie (I've heard enough pitiful attempts to pronounce my name). I've been playing dota for a couple of years. I'm not exactly sure when I started. I'm currently looking for nice people to play with.. not necessarily a clan.. and I thought that getting to know you guys could be a good idea. Ooookay.. what else.. well.. I like good food, board games, all kinds of computers and books. Oh.. and metal (the music genre).
moving on...

I haven't been in any top clans but I've played with few good players like ppl from CID (I think CID doesn't exist anymore). I've also played with guys who play dota invite. To be honest.. I don't think that I'm subbaimbagood but I guess that I'm a decent player and I hope that I can edit this later because my girlfriend is going to murder me if I don't get my ass moving right now Smile

Alrighty, gf has been taken care of... so.. I've found my way to your irc channel and to your teamspeak server. Feel free to contact me if you wish to play with me. I will try to play with some of your members. It just seems that everyone is afk in the irc channel.

oh yea.. my current location: Finland
spoken languages: finnish and english

My dl account:

ggc account: PorkFest
dota-league account: PorkFest
bnet account: PorkFest
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application - Porkie
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