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 U want a piece of me? :D idp application

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U want a piece of me? :D idp application Empty
PostSubject: U want a piece of me? :D idp application   U want a piece of me? :D idp application Icon_minitimeFri Oct 10, 2008 1:27 pm

Hey my name is Patrick; I come from Germany and in case u didnt notice my subject sentence is stolen from Britneeeey.. *g* Very Happy:D
Yeah I play DotA since version 5.82 or so; i cant quite remember.. ^^ its about 3 years anyway .. ^^
My only CLan in which I was 2 whole years, is HACK.... if u know it, great.. ^^ if not, u havent missed anything.. Very Happy
anyway.. i left the clan and my Nickname on b net is now Searching4Clan ( ^^) instead of HACK]LoveJesus[... DunkelArchon might know me from the sigs Smile
my dl account is FuQNoobs... its 63 % now.. and it was 82 % -.- seems like my acccount name doesnt get me much luck with the choice of my teammates.. Razz
anyway i dont think dl stats do say anything about the skill of the player...
ive owned many 70 and 80 % with my old account Very Happy solo mid ofc Wink
oh yeah... I play carry heroes a lot.. im curious to play against some of ur carries Wink
my favourite heroes are Viper, Potm, Earthshaker...
but dont worry i can play all heroes cause of my 3-years experience... the new heroes mb not perfectly Very Happy:D
id be happy to hear from u...
and go VOTE for me.. ! Smile

PS : What is the IP of the Testserver...? u prolly can ignore this, cause i will find it in the forum now anyway Very Happy:D
oh yeah.. and i plz forgive me my mass smilies.. Wink
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U want a piece of me? :D idp application
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